What Does Open-Concept Living in a Van Look Like?

There’s nothing quite like open-concept living on the open road. The uniquely modular features of a Grit Overland van makes the experience of riding in one of our adventure vehicles truly feel like home away from home. 

On a whim, your campervan can be converted into a: 

👉 Bedroom

👉 Kitchen 

👉 Dining space

👉 Workstation

👉 Shower room 

👉 Living area 

But, what makes this possible? Built-in, convertible features that expand and retract as-needed to turn your van into the most multi-functional space on four wheels.


Our extendable countertop spans the entire length of the van, providing you all the prep room you need for cooking. Featuring a built-in sink, overhead microwave, mini fridge, and plenty of power outlets (not to mention unbeatable power supply) for your appliances, it’s the perfect space to get a meal going. 

Bring along an induction cooktop, air fryer, Instapot, blender, slow cooker, coffeemaker, and whatever other supplies you can think of to stay fed for the next leg of your journey. The proprietary GO FARTHER™ battery system and 60-minute Rapid Recharge capabilities make it possible to run all of these and more. 

When mealtime rolls around, you can turn the front seats to face the back, fold out the passenger seats, pull down the dining table, and create a space for four to comfortably dine. 

Easy-Access Washroom 

If you want to avoid tracking dirt into your van – after all, it is your home! – an outdoor shower hose offers the perfect rinse-off station before re-entering the vehicle. However, when regular shower time rolls around, you can turn the center of your van into a washroom. 

Right in the heart of the kitchen block exists all the equipment needed to create a fully-functioning indoor bathroom. A shower pan extends from underneath the main counter, a curtain can be hooked to rings on the ceiling, and a private shower cabin can be erected right in the center of your van. 

Furthermore, there is also a portable toilet stowed away underneath the counter, which can be used within the same shower cabin for privacy. 


Did you know that you can sleep up to four people in a Grit Overland van? A tri-fold mattress folds out into a Queen-sized bed toward the back of the van. At the head of the van, the front-seats can be converted into a single sleeper. 

With an optional pop-top add-on, you can also sleep two people overhead.

Mobile Office

Looking to get some work done on the road? The van-length extendable countertop also forms a workbench across the back of the van. There is an outlet on the opposite side so you can easily plug in your devices and sit or stand while you take care of business. 

The dinette can be used as a second workstation if you’re traveling with a partner, so you don’t have to battle over office space. The best part about the workbench? You can park your van somewhere scenic, pop open the backdoors, and enjoy work with a view – guaranteed to boost your productivity. 

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