AWD Mercedes Sprinter 144"

AWD Ford Transit 148"

2024 Link 144/148

AWD Adventure Van

Available in both Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter models

Price Starts At:

$ 165,950

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We are excited to announce our newest van model, the Link 144/148. This all-wheel drive adventure van is equipped with everything you need to get off the beaten path in a reliable, rugged platform. 

In a world where most high-end RV manufacturers are dialing up on cost and complexity, we want to keep things simple so more people can get out and enjoy the great outdoors. We are dialing back on complex builds, reducing costs to you, while delivering our same reliability and value without sacrificing quality workmanship.

Our Link 144/148 is available in two layouts designed to seat/sleep either two or four passengers. Both are built with robust aluminum infrastructure, an efficient 12-volt battery system, and everything you need to GO… anywhere!

Base Build Features

  • Queen-sized Murphy bed with a north/south sleeping orientation. No climbing over your partner to use the bathroom at night! 
  • Overhead storage cabinet (infrastructure for overhead storage expansion)
  • Microwave
  • Touchscreen Bluetooth system management: Electrical, heating and water monitoring
  • Dimmable overhead lighting
  • 3-layer insulation (sound, radiant & comfort), 4-season ready
  • Blackout insulated window covers
  • Portable induction cooktop
  • Improved Structural Integrity: A hidden aluminum infrastructure provides a better ride and future structural attachment points.
  • Stainless steel sink
  • Flip up countertop
  • Kitchen galley with drawers and flex storage space
  • Large storage cubbies in the gear garage.
  • 30 amp shore power plug
  • Freshwater connections and fill port
  • 110v outlet
  • 4kWh 12-volt system
  • Heated Lithium batteries (better performance in cold conditions)
  • Safety system shutoff at 10% charge level to reserve battery life
  • Optional upgrade to 8kWh
  • 180 watts of solar
  • 3000-watt Victron inverter
  • Touchscreen Bluetooth system management
  • Alternator charger
  • Two expandable 12-volt circuits
  • Outdoor shower & spray hose
  • Modular Indoor Shower System
  • 2in1 Water/Air Heater: High efficient hydronic heating system (no extra fuel source required)
  • Freshwater connections
  • 22-gallon freshwater tank
  • 18-gallon heated grey water tank
  • Dometic RTX 2000 Air Conditioner (Seat 2 / Sleep 2 model only)
  • 1-Year Grit Workmanship Warranty (unlimited miles)
  • Vehicle Factory Warranty (Mercedes/Ford)


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The GRIT Difference.

The Best Off-Grid Experience

+ High-quality 12-volt electrical system with optional upgrades

+ Lighter, Stronger & Quieter 

+ Space Saving Design (Fold, Stow, Roll & Pop)

+ Safety Taken Seriously (RVIA, FMVSS, OEM QVM, & NHTSA)