Turning Your Van into a Two-Bedroom Penthouse

Even on the ruggedness of the road, you can achieve the peak of luxury. Our entry-level campervan, the Go Terra, can sleep four with its fold-out Queen bed and convertible front seat mattress. However, our higher-level model, the Go All-Terrain (also known as the GO A/T), introduces another optional sleeping add-on: the pop-top. 

What is the Pop-Top?

You’ve seen these overhead sleeping compartments on RVs and Winnebagos before. They’re a tent-like structure atop the vehicle that can easily provide sleeping space for two people. Our pop-top is especially unique, however. It’s German-engineered, with high-quality mechanics that make it second-to-none in the industry. 

Rather than cut off the entire roof to make room for the pop-top, we simply carve out a pothole for easy-access. Then, with a retractable ladder, you can easily climb up when it’s bedtime and enjoy some much-needed privacy. 

Grit Overland co-founder, Mark Dayley, gives a brief overview of the pop-top in the video below.

Benefits of a Pop-Top

What are some of the advantages to installing a pop-top on your campervan? For starters, more comfortable sleeping arrangements. While the front-seat mattress is a great option where you’re traveling on a budget, or only with the occasional guest, the pop-top becomes even more of an essential if you’re traveling with your family. 

The pop-top is an excellent space for a kids’ sleeping area, and creates a more cozy, cocooned environment with an easier ability to drown out below noise. Want to put your little ones to bed while you stay up and work downstairs? Simply set them up in the pop-top and continue about your business, without worrying about disturbing them. 

Secondly, this is a versatile space that goes beyond extra sleeping accommodations. If you don’t really need the additional bed, you can turn it into a lounge space. Maybe concoct a reading nook with some cushions. Or, if you do have kids, turn it into a playspace. You know those forts they build at home? Well, now they have a real one right here on the van. 

The most notable benefit of the pop-top is the added views. Enjoy seeing the sights from above when you’re camped out at a scenic spot, and let the sight of the mountains lull you right to sleep in your little room above the world. 

A Luxury Experience 

How often do you get to turn an off-grid, off-road, modular and space-saving machine into a mobile, easily drivable, two-bedroom home? It’s quite a unique concept. The penthouse experience that a pop-top provides makes it the cherry on top of a suite of other unique features. It’s a second bedroom that doesn’t affect available floor space, fuel economy, or overall vehicle handling.

Suddenly, the road-tripping experience no longer has to feel cramped. Every member of the family can have their own space while still creating a sense of togetherness. 


  1. Do you have an east coast dealer/. I am in Maryland. do you make the goat model on a Mercedes’ platform? Thanks.

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