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RV Repairs & Van Maintenance for the Long Haul

Keeping your van's performance in tip top shape shouldn't be difficult or break the bank. Keeping up on all your routine maintenance schedules will go a long way in preventing unwanted breakdowns. You can rely on the Grit Overland RV & Van Service Center for all your Class B RV system repairs as well as routine maintenance on your van chassis. Also, getting everything done in one place, will save you time & money without sacrificing on quality. We serve RV & van owners throughout Oregon & Washington, so if you need assistance & you're located in Portland, Vancouver or Seattle schedule your service today.

A New Approach to Repairs & Maintenance

“We found in the RV Repair & service industry, long wait times & poor quality repairs were the standard.

Q: Why repair something using the same method that broke in the first place?

A: We use our expertise to solve the poor quality & repair problems you arrived with.  Leaving you better than we found you!

Get back on the road fast with Solutions from industry experts!


Do you have a Class B RV, Adventure Van Build or Camper Van that needs repairs? We know all about RV systems & how to troubleshoot. Whether you need to install new batteries, or replace a water pump we can help. Below are just some of the repair services we provide:



Get all your maintenance & repairs done in one visit. We service Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van chassis, Ford Transit van chassis & Ram Promaster van chassis. Because we also build camper vans, we are familiar with common maintenance issues & repairs.

Service & Maintenance

Oil Change

Following manufacturer recommended intervals & oil will increase your vehicles longevity, gas mileage & more.

Tire Rotation & Wheel Balance

We have a full wheel & tire shop onsite, specializing in Class B RV, Adventure Van & Camper Van aftermarket wheels & all terrain tires. Keeping your tires rotated & balanced will increase the wear time on your tires & protect your suspension components, increasing your vehicle's safety, handling & fuel efficiency. Recommended every 3 months or 3,000-5,000 miles.

Mercedes-Benz Service A & Service B

All Mercedes Sprinter Van owners should bring their vans in for their regular intervals for Service A & Service B. We specialize in fully built camper vans & Class B RVs needing Mercedes' regular service A & B maintenance. We have ASE certified mechanics & proper MB vehicle diagnostics equipment for clearing maintenance codes.
See our Mercedes-Benz A & B Service page for more information.

Electrical System Check

Electrical systems should be checked one time per year, to ensure fire safety & maintain clean connections. A well maintained & serviced power system & battery connections will avoid common failures & battery system deterioration. - Including Lithium batteries, DC charging, shore power, inverter & solar.
recommended service interval: Yearly.

Heater Maintenance

Annual checkups & maintenance on your RV diesel heater &/or gas heater is recommended. When heaters go unused for 1-2 months, they can build-up corrosion & error/fault. Our annual heater servicing will include cleaning or replacing key elements & checking fuel & exhaust lines.
recommended service interval: Yearly.

Exterior Accessory Re-Torque

To ensure all exterior van accessories & bolted on parts are secure & safe, we recommend all screws/bolts be re-torqued to manufacturer recommended levels. recommended service interval: Yearly.

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