Power for Days: The Technology Behind Our Long-Lasting Battery

Go Anywhere, Stay Longer. Grit Overland’s GO Farther™ battery system is truly one-of-a-kind. It allows our campervans to be a luxury home anywhere you go, providing you with days worth of power for off-the-grid living. With a whopping 10,250 Watt hours worth of power, you can run all your essential appliances for days. 

What Can You Do? 

Our electric system goes beyond the limits of what is currently offered on the off-grid vehicle market. A typical campervan battery setup uses a small battery bank that provides 200-300 Amp hours using 12V batteries (2,500-3,500 Watt hours total) with solar as a trickle charger. They can run LED lights, vent fans, and a high-efficiency 12V fridge off-grid for a day or two. 

These limitations don’t exist with our larger-than-life battery system, which allows for generous power usage. You can run the air conditioner (under real world conditions) for 16 hours completely off-grid using battery power. Air conditioners are going to have the highest Watt-load of any appliance, so they’ll account for most of your energy usage, but that won’t stop you from also running appliances such as blenders, induction cooktops, recharging electric bikes, instapots, air fryers, etc. 

How Does It Work? 

Our Smart Auto-Charge technology will automatically start your engine and rapid-charge your battery bank as-needed. As long as there’s gas in your tank, you’ll be able to take advantage of a continuous power supply. This rapid recharge process typically takes around 60 minutes.

When driving the vehicle, you can recharge to full capacity in as little as 72 minutes. Meanwhile, with a 30 AMP shore power plugin (featuring heavy-duty inlet), you can recharge in 26 hours. 

With competitor campervans you’ll eventually have to drive 4-6 hours to recharge the battery bank and can’t run the appliances that require serious power, such as the air conditioner. Instead of running it off-grid, you’ll need to be plugged in. Our Auto Smart Rapid Charge technology is unmatched. 

Other manufacturers will require you to either let the vehicle idle for over two hours while it recharges at best. Furthermore, charging from empty takes 16-26 hours on competing models whereas ours takes one hour. 

With a minimum required charging time of 16+ hours, competing adventure vans can hardly be considered for convenient off-grid usage, particularly when taking into account realistic appliance usage. In order to achieve the “comforts of home” on-the-road, you shouldn’t be spending your time worrying about the electrical capacity of your home-on-wheels. Our super-silent and super-efficient power system eliminates the stress and hassle of constantly having to monitor your adventure van’s battery life. 

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