“Next-Level Versatility & Autonomy”: New Atlas Review

What makes our vans “next-level”? A recent review of Grit Overland vans released by New Atlas covers all the groundbreaking features that make our campervans the best in their class. Specifically, writer and travel enthusiast C.C. Weiss credits the versatility and autonomy our state-of-the-art features provide. 

Weiss expertly navigates the various differences between our three-tiered van offering, which includes the base model GoTerra, the upgraded Grit Overland All Terrain (also known as the GO A/T), and our upcoming GoBaja flagship based on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter. 

As Weiss enthuses about the various aspects of our campervans that represent the tried-and-true layouts of motorhomes or European-style campers, he also notes the design features that set these vehicles apart. Primarily, the fact that these features can easily be put away when they’re not in use, making for a contemporary open-concept floor plan that makes van life more comfortable than ever before. 

Some of the main features spotlighted in the New Atlas review include: 

👉 Cutting Edge Tech: Our powerful lithium battery bank with Rapid Recharge and water purification system make off-grid living a total breeze. 

👉 Modular Layout: Foldaway beds, stowaway seats, a fold-up workstation, removable dining table, retractable shower room, and optional pop-top make a Grit Overland van the ultimate multifunctional, multi-faceted space for cooking, chilling, rinsing off, working, or eating. 

👉 “Stay Longer” Plumbing Setup: A two-stage filtration system, two 76L tanks for fresh and wastewater, and water heater/furnace combo make it easy to always keep drinking water handy and shower water flowing. 

👉 Truly an “All-Terrain” Experience: With its 310 HP 3.5L Ford EcoBoost Twin Turbo Engine, this all-wheel drive van is a beast on and off the road. Including upgraded quick-adjust rear suspension plus front and rear skid plates, you’ll be able to maneuver any situation. 

 👉 Quality Construction: All of our cabinetry and fixtures are built out of TIG welded aluminum and bolted directly to the body of the van for enhanced safety and performance. 

“Grit Overland [raises] the bar on floor plan flexibility in its ultra-versatile all-terrain camper vans,” Weiss shares. “The company uses virtually every trick we’ve seen (and some we haven’t) to get the most out of every square millimeter of its Ford Transit vans.” 

… and we intend to keep raising the bar from here!

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