How to Do Van Life with Your Dog

Man’s best friend can also be man’s best travel companion, and road-tripping with your four-legged buddy when you’ve got all the amenities of a campervan at your disposal makes the whole experience a breeze. 

Sure, there are tons of accounts out there about solo or family van life, but what about van life with your pup? There are many conveniences a Grit Overland van offers that can make the journey as smooth as possible – as well as some considerations to take into account. 

Embrace the Conveniences

Grit Overland vans are built to keep the whole family comfortable, and that includes the dog. Firstly, our built-in water purification system ensures your dog will always have access to fresh water bowl refills. What’s more, the abundant modular storage and high-efficiency 12V fridge also provide plenty of space to keep their food and treats. 

Our GO FARTHER™ battery system makes for ultimate off-grid living, allowing you to run appliances like the A/C for hours or even days without issue. This means that, if you need to leave your pup in the van while you step out, he’ll be perfectly safe and content. It can be 100 degrees outside but the van can stay at a cool 68 for as long as you need. This doesn’t mean you leave the keys in the ignition and hope no one steals your van. It means being able to turn off the van, pull the keys out of the ignition and have your AC unit run off the Go Father Power System FOR DAYS!

The spaciousness of the open concept floor plan also means he won’t be left to feel as cooped up as he might in a car. And, in the evenings, there’s plenty of room for his dog bed amid everyone else’s sleeping arrangements. 

Adventure Effortlessly

Long-term travel with your pet always requires extensive preparation and planning, along with the same constant care and attention you would provide at home. What are some of the things all travelers with dogs should know? 

Cleanliness is crucial 

With the groomer miles away, you want to make sure you’re taking accountability for your pup’s hygiene. Our outdoor shower hose provides an easy way to hose them down after muddy adventures so they don’t track dirt into your van. Furthermore, if you’ve been exploring in the warm weather, it’s a great way for them to cool down – and they may even get a kick out of it. 

Plan destinations accordingly

Not all recreational areas are dog-friendly, mostly because it’s difficult to ensure everyone picks up after their pet and that damage isn’t done to valuable landmarks as preservation is priority. For example, different National Parks offer varying degrees of pet-acceptability. While some won’t allow you in with a dog, some will allow them as long as they stay on-trail, in developed areas, or on a leash.

You can check out the different National Park pet restrictions and choose the ones that are the best fit.

In-between destinations, you might also want to scope out some dog parks on the road so they can exhaust some energy and get their legs moving. 

Keep medical requirements up-to-date

Make sure your dog is fully vaccinated and that you keep medical records with you in the event of an emergency. A lot can happen on the road and you need to be prepared! That also includes making sure you have pet insurance should a vet visit be required, as it can help you mitigate those expenses. 

Most importantly, have fun

Taking a van excursion with your pet should be a blast, so enjoy the journey! And, if you have photos of your Grit Overland travels with your furry friend, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram.

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