Holidays on the Road: How to Decorate Your Camper Van

Home is anywhere you go with Grit Overland, so why not make your camper van just as festive during the holidays? The unique layout of our vans makes for endless opportunities when it comes to seasonal decorating ideas to keep the holiday spirit going. 

Decorating Ideas

There are countless ways to spice up your van and get into the festive mood during your holiday road trips. One of the easiest ways to get started is by purchasing holiday decal stickers with motifs like snowflakes, trees, reindeer, or Santa to decorate the interior or exterior of your van. They stay put during drives, but you’ll be able to easily remove them when you’re ready. 

Fortunately, with the unbeatable power supply and battery life that our Grit Overland vans offer, you can even set up traditional decor like Christmas trees and lights inside. Small trees make an ideal centerpiece, fitting well within the open-plan layout of our vans. Additionally, you can opt for a hanging or countertop tree to save more space. Combine with easy-to-use battery-powered lights that bring the glow of the holidays inside. 

Your dashboard is another great space for merry knick-knacks, like ornaments, gingerbread house molds, or Christmas village displays. Line the background with a garland and hang a stocking for an at-home feel.

Stockings can also be hung from your rearview mirrors if you’re planning an outdoor celebration with loved ones. Add finishing touches like a wreath on the door and some icicle lights hung from the doors to complete the cozy look. 

Make the Holiday Favorites

Create unique holiday memories by making all your favorite treats inside the camper van this year. By adding a portable induction cooktop to your Grit Overland, you can easily fire up and have the aroma and cookies and other sweet treats filling your van in no time. 

You can also make a pot of hot chocolate or cider on your camping stove for something warm and soothing when you’re on the road. For the ultimate ease, simply warm up leftovers or your pre-cooked dishes with the built-in microwave.

Get Into the Spirit

A big part of creating a seasonal atmosphere is stimulating all the senses. For example, put the radio station on the holiday channel while you drive, or bring along your favorite playlists for a road trip sing-along. 

Fill the space with comforting scents to make it more inviting for family and friends without the potential danger that can come with lighting candles. Make your space van-safe with alternatives like potpourri or an essential oil diffuser. Create a unique holiday experience by simmering a pot with cinnamon and apples on the induction cooktop. These creative alternatives add to the holiday experience and will allow you to safely enjoy popular holiday scents like pine, vanilla, and mistletoe. 

You can also bring holiday-themed soft throw blankets and pillows for the stowaway bench seats or pop-top penthouse sleeping bed with a view, for the ultimate cozy atmosphere. 

Invite Over Friends and Family

Why not celebrate the holidays this year in your camper van? The holidays are no longer confined to the home or long uncomfortable road trips. 

Simply find the best destinations for epic winter trekking, set up the van, and get on the road. Choose from ski resorts, beautiful hiking destinations, or outdoor spots with family-friendly activities like sledding. Create new traditions and make the journey just as fun as the destination in a festive camper van.

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