"Grit Overland Go Baja"

$239k +/-

depending on options
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144
ALL Wheel Drive OR 4x4

Go Farther & Stay Longer

Is reality for Go Baja owners.

Outfitted with the GO FARTHER POWER SYSTEM & the GO SMART AUTO CHARGE, Go Baja owners are prepared to get out & stay out without sacrificing comfort.

Build Quality (lighter, stronger & silent)

Every one of our 2022 van models is built with lighter, stronger, silent-er Aluminum!  We use sheet bent & rigid TIG welded tube aluminum. We tap machine screws directly into metal to achieve a truly silent & safe ride.

Limitless off-grid power (a reality)

This electric system is just perfect.  Not too large . . . Not too small.


The GO FARTHER Power System is packed with 10,240 Watt Hours of power. This means you can power anything you might need . . . and still re-charge in just over 1 hour. (Wow is right!)  


While sitting off-grid for long periods of time, the Auto Charge System will keep you in power . . . until you’re ready to drive again.

Want to run your Air Conditioner: 
completely off-grid . . . without a generator . . . 
for days?

It’s so much MORE THAN JUST A CAMPER van.

“It’s a portal to endless vacations!”

Specifications & Photos Coming Soon!