Giving Gratitude to Nature: How to Show Your Appreciation


Many of us enjoy a beautiful sunset or a rugged landscape, but far less actively try to support nature not only for ourselves, but for the next generation. Here are a few quick ways to give back and show your appreciation. 

Plant a Tree

An easy way to begin is by simply planting a tree, some shrubbery, or vegetables in your backyard. Everything you plant helps the local environment by providing homes and nourishment for the local insects and wildlife. 

You can even research which plants will help the environment the most for your area. If you are interested in helping preserve the local bees, find which plants will help give them the most sustenance and support their growth in your climate. You can also purchase a few potted herbs to keep on the windowsill if you’re living in a tighter space. 

If you don’t have a personal space to plant, consider donating to a cause that helps plant trees or greenery for you. For very low prices, organizations can continue promoting the environment in your name.  

Donate Toward Preservation 

If you have extra cash to spare, consider donating some to national parks, which help preserve and protect historic lands. By contributing, you’ll be helping to keep oceans, meadows, deserts, and mountain ranges in their best shape. National Parks rely on tax dollars that may fluctuate each year, so your donation always counts for something. 

You can also consider giving to The Sierra Club, one of the largest grassroots environmental organizations in the country. They are committed to protect wild land all across the world and help support each natural ecosystem for a better world for everyone. 

Spread Awareness

Many issues are circulating in the news today, so it’s difficult for many to keep track of what specific issues they can really help make a change. By taking the time to educate yourself and tell your friends, family, and community about environmental issues, you can create a deeper impact. 

Try to read up on current environmental changes and trends and find easy ways you can come together to help. If there are local wildfires, consider volunteering or donating to restore natural wildlife. If air pollution is on the rise in your city, grab a few friends and plant some new greenery. 

Spend More Time in It

One of the best ways to encourage others to protect the environment is by appreciating it. Take your pals for a camping trip or a hike across the most impressive terrain in the area. Nothing breeds inspiration like an immersive experience. If you have kids, try to encourage them to play outside, whether it’s in a neighborhood park, the yard, or by going on walks together in National Parks. 

It’s even easier if you have a well-equipped campervan. Then you can eat, sleep, and truly interact with nature every moment of your trip.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint 

A great threat to the environment is increasing industrial lifestyle habits. Some easy ways to reduce your negative impact on your surroundings are by organizing a local litter pickup, choosing to recycle, or purchasing less goods and reusing what you already have. 

When it comes to transport, it’s best to keep in mind options like biking or walking, but if you do want to go on a trip you can conveniently practice off-grid living in your Grit Overland camping van. This massively reduces waste that traditional vehicles give off, but you get to keep all the benefits of regular travel like sightseeing and a comfortable living space. Plus, you’ll reduce the environmental impact of staying in a hotel and save extra cash!

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