Space Saving Design

Fold, Roll, Stow & Pop

Love Open Space?

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The only time you need seats, beds, shower, table, & counter is when you’re using them, otherwise they’re just taking up precious space.

  • STOWAWAY Bench Seat
  • FOLD-UP Bed (queen width)
  • POPTOP Penthouse (2 Bedroom Van)
  • FOLDAWAY Indoor/Outdoor Shower
  • ROLLAWAY Front Seat Mattress
  • Extended Counter top (whole length of the van)
  • XL Fold-down workspace (at counter height, X2)
  • 4 person dining table
  • Travel table for rear seats

Multi-purpose spaces. Need extra counter space, work bench, desk that faces the view out the back of the van, standing, sitting, seat across table, table with access out the back door?

Table/Counter/Workbench/Desk . . . the way you want!

Fold-Away Shower System


We were able to design the largest usable shower space that stows in the smallest storage space (inside the front of the galley).

  • All Aluminum Shower Pan (Folds out of the galley)
  • Shower curtain stows inside the shower pan
  • Certified plumbing design that meets RV Mfg standards
  • Large shower curtain allows for plenty of space
  • High pressure low flow shower head (Great for washing)
  • Easy setup & take down (60 seconds)

Front & Passenger swivel seats:

  • Ford leather, heated, 10 way electric seats
  • Swivel (x2)
The Stowaway Bench Seat (seats 2)
  • Meets all Safety standards FMVSS, with Pull Tested installation.
  • Seats 2, (36″ wide)
  • 3-Point seat belts
  • Arm Rest
  • CRS Hooks (“Child Safety Restraint” hooks for attaching car seats)
  • Folds up & out of the way when not in use.

Not All Seats are Created Equal:

The Stowaway seat by Grit, is the best of both worlds.  It’s a comfortable seat for 2 when traveling & when no-one is sitting in it, you can fold it up & out of the way.  This simple feature, improves/provides:

  • Giant Kitchen space
  • Huge shower
  • Plenty of Bathroom space
  • Large flex space
  • Or my favorite: I have room for 4 people to stand up in the middle of the warm van, getting in/out of our snow gear.

Comfortably sleeping 4 people in a van is no easy feet. 


It’s like having a 2 bedroom van:

  • Separate sleeping areas (Give yourself the gift of space)
  • Our Pop-top is accessed through a porthole in the ceiling.
  • Easily popped & stowed away by one person.
  • Ford pop-top mattress: a wide 53.5″ mattress with 6’5″ sleeping length.
  • Mercedes-Benz pop-top mattress: 42″ wide mattress with 6’2″ sleeping length.

Indoor Shower (Extra Large Fold-Away Aluminum Shower)