Seat & Sleep 4 People


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Not All Seats are Created Equal:

There’s always a compromise when you set out to build a 20′ van that can seat & sleep 4.  The Stowaway seat by Grit, is the best of both worldsIt’s a comfortable seat for 2 when traveling & when no-one is sitting in it, you can fold it up & out of the way.  This simple feature, improves/provides:

  • Giant Kitchen space
  • Huge shower
  • Plenty of Bathroom space
  • Large flex space
  • Or my favorite: I have room for 4 people to stand up in the middle of the warm van, getting in/out of our snow gear.


Once we looked at all the enhancements we gained from having a seat that simply folds up & out of the way, it became obvious, it wasn’t a compromise.  We often hear people say, they’re shocked by how much usable space our van has, and how the pictures online didn’t do it justice.

Sleeping 4 people in a van comfortably is no simple feat.  However our high roof van with a penthouse pop-top sleeping area makes it possible.  It’s like having a 2 bedroom van at bed time. 

A Good Night Sleep:

There’s more than one way to sleep 4 people in a van (we’ve tried many of them). But, there’s nothing quite like the Grit sleep 4 layout. 


  •  Queen size bed
  • Pop-top sleeping area
  • Optional front seat mattress

Whether you’re sleeping a family of 4 or doing a road trip with 3-4 adults… you can reliably count on a comfortable night sleep for everyone.

Separate Sleep Areas:

  • We’re not all breathing the same air (we include a vent fan in the pop top).
  • We’re not disturbing everyone to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.
  • My friends (who I’d rather not share a bed with) can all sleep in separate areas/beds.

True Four Season requires both proper insulation & state of the art HVAC systems.

Our 3-Layer Insulation:

  • Sound Deadening
  • Radiant Heat Break
  • Comfort Insulation (anti-microbial insulative value with a fabric backer to help hold it in place, in a vibrating vehicle.)

HVAC: Heating & Cooling Systems. 

  • 2in1 Air & Water heater (Our state of the art hydronic heating system runs off the gas tank. Using minimal electric & no extra fuel source). Providing over 17,000 BTU’s of heat.
  • Air Conditioner: Undermounted & DC efficiency. Providing over 13,500 BTU’s of cooling.

The systems we use are state of the art & when matched with our GO Farther Power System, provide real world heating & cooling, throughout the whole van.


Our Furry Family Members (or Pets):
Many people love that we include 2 air conditioning ducts at the floor level. Which is perfect for when our furry friends need to stay in the vehicle.

Width: 60" (Queen)
Length: 79"
Width: 24"
Length: 60"
Width: 53.5" (full)
Length: 77"
POP-TOP Mattress (Mercedes)
Width: 42"
Length: 74"