A Better Off-Grid Experience



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We named it the “Go Farther Power System”, for a reason. You will go farther on the Grit battery design, than the competitor’s exact same size battery.  


Go ahead and charge all your toys 

  • e-bikes
  • Phones
  • Laptops
  • etc.

Run your most convenient appliances

  • Blender
  • Air Fryer
  • Microwave
  • Instapot,
  • Induction Cooktop
  • Coffee Maker
  • etc.


Did You Know: Other Power Systems Make You Choose:

“Turn off your cooktop to run your microwave”


“Turn off your Air Conditioner to run your cooktop”



Our power system is configured to: Supply a full 3000 watts of continuous inverted 110v power for all your plug-in stuff… while still powering your state of art 48v undermounted AC & all your 12v loads: (ie: vent fan, fridge & lights.) 




*48v undermount Air Conditioner is standard on our GOA/T & GO Baja Models.

Let’s compare 2 systems, even when both have equal sized 8,500 Watt hour battery banks.  


The Grit system will:

  • Power more simultaneous items.
  • Run the 48v AC longer on a single charge.
  • Rapid recharge 10x faster, when the battery gets low.
  • With our “Go Smart Auto Charge”, it can automatically recharge itself, providing non-stop continuous power for days at a time.

Never run out of power

When turned on, our GO Smart Auto Charge™ system will monitor your battery power & when the batteries reach 30%, will automatically open a communication port with the vehicle computer & start the engine to recharge.


GO Smart Auto Charge Rate: We run a 60 minute rapid recharge session pushing 6000+ watts.  This will typically take your power from 30% to as much as 100%. (Depending on power draw while charging.)


Charge Rate (while driving): We push 10,000 watts while driving, from our secondary high output alternator. This means from 0% to 100% in less than an hour . . . or 30% to 100% in 42 minutes.


Charge Rates by Power System:

  • GO Farther Power System:
    • Smart Auto Charge Rate: 6000 watts
    • Driving Charge Rate: 10,000 watts.
  • GO Smart Power System:
    • No Smart Auto Charge.
    • Driving Charge Rate: 2,600 watts.
Battery Bank 48v
8500 watt hours (600 - 700 ah equivalent)
Inverter (usable watts)
3000 watt
Secondary H.O. Alternator
Upto 10,000 watts
GO Smart Auto Charge
Upto 6000+ watts

Did you know?

If your power system was:

  • 16,000 watt Hour battery.
  • Air Conditioner 120-volt roof-mount (13k BTU & 1,700 watt draw)

A/C runtime of 8.5 Hours.

Re-Charge: 3 to 22 hours.

GO Farther 48-volt power system:

  • 8,500 watt Hour battery
  • Air Conditioner 48-volt under-mount (13k BTU & 700 watt draw)

A/C runtime of 10.9 hours.

Re-Charge: 46-76 minutes.

The Grit Difference:

  • 4x to 10x faster charging.
    “Waiting around to charge up, is a thing of the past”.
  • Longer run time for Heating & Cooling.
    “A better off-grid experience . . . period.”
  • Less weight added.
    “Lighter . . . yes that’s very very important!”
  • Less space used
    “Means, more space for everything else.”