Our 2024 Models coming May 2023.


GO Farther Power System **

Huge 10,240 Wh’s of battery power means you can run all the “comfort of home” appliances.  Imagine running your Air Conditioner off-grid (totally silent) for days.  Our huge power bank of batteries & our “Auto Charge” system will automatically start your engine & rapid charge your battery bank when it needs to (60 minute rapid recharge*).  As long as you have gas in your tank, you have continuous power… completely off-grid.


Want to leave your furry family members in the van while you go adventuring? Now you can with confidence… even in the hot summer.

* Auto Charge system only available on GOAT & GoBaja models.

** New for 2024: All models include a Go Farther Power System (Starting May 2023)

Plumbing System

Stay Longer Plumbing System

  • Indoor Shower (Folds out of the galley)
  • Outdoor Hose/Shower (hot & cold water)
  • Two-Stage Water Filter (Carbon Filter & UV-C LED)
  • 20 Gal. fresh water tank
  • 20 Gal. grey water tank (heated)
  • On demand hot water heater (runs off vehicle fuel tank, no extra fuel source required)

With our optional 2-stage filter & pump combination, you can drop a hose into a pond/stream/river & pump potable water into your van… completely off-grid.  

Unlimited fresh water in the middle of nowhere, that’s why we call it the “Stay Longer Plumbing System”

Space Saving Design

Open Concept/Modular Design

  • STOWAWAY Bench Seat
  • FOLD-UP Bed (queen width)
  • POPTOP Penthouse (2 Bedroom Van)
  • FOLDAWAY Indoor/Outdoor Shower
  • ROLLAWAY Front Seat Mattress

The only time you need the seats/beds/shower, is when you’re using them… Otherwise it’s just taking up precious space.

Counter Top & Work Space

All the space you need & more

  • Extended Counter top (whole length of the van)
  • XL Fold-down workspace (at counter height, X2)
  • 4 person dining table 
  • Travel table for rear seats

Multi-purpose spaces.  Need extra counter space, work bench, desk that faces the view out the back of the van, standing, sitting, seat across table, table with access out the back door?  

Table/Counter/Workbench/Desk . . . the way you want!