Can You Turn Your Campervan into a Mobile Office?

Why settle for a bleak office space when you can make the outdoors your workroom? If you’re interested in taking your work-life on the road, our campervan configurations make it a breeze! 

Extendable Countertop & Fold-Down Workbench

Don’t let lack of surface area keep you from getting the job done. Grit Overland’s campervans have all the space you need and more. In fact, our extendable countertop covers the length of the entire van. You’ll also find an extra-large fold-down workbench along the back of the van for even greater comfort during your hardest working days. Find a scenic parking spot, pop open the rear doors, and enjoy the views while you grind away.

Unlike many modern vans, nothing in our models takes up unnecessary space. When you’re done with it, fold it up and make room for your next activity. This also creates an essential mental divide between “workspace” and “living space.”

One of the biggest benefits of transforming a campervan into a mobile office is getting to enjoy the fresh air and gorgeous landscapes of your choice. That’s why our vans are open-concept. This means that the workbench and all other features are constructed, so you always get the best view of the scenery while you’re doing your job. 

Rear Outlet

For your convenience, we supplied an outlet on the opposite side of the rear wheel box so you can plug in laptops, phones, and other devices as needed. We make sure you won’t be confined to one area of the van when you really want to get things done. You can take care of business in any spot on the vehicle.

Abundant Power Supply

Due to the GO FARTHER™ Smart Power System, you can even continue working just as easily, on or off the grid. 

When you’re ready for a break, take advantage of the built-in sink, mini fridge, and microwave, all of which function effortlessly with our unbeatable power supply. The 10,250 Watt Hours of battery means you can get these home comforts anytime you’d like, while still keeping your laptop juiced up as well. 

Even the air conditioning can run silently off the grid. As long as you have gas in your tank, you’ll always have independent power available.

Dinette Space

After you’re done relaxing on the stowaway backseat bench, simply convert it into a dining section when you’re ready to eat. When you’re finished, lock the removable table back in place. That way, it’ll only be taking up room when you really need it. 

You can also use the dinette space as a secondary workstation when traveling with a pal. No need to fight over work space or bump elbows as you go. You’ll both get to enjoy the advantages of a beautiful set up and still get to keep the extra leg room. Set one person up on the extendable countertop along the rear of the van and another at the dinette to turn this office-on-wheels into a two-person workspace.

In fact, who doesn’t work better when you can just rev up the engine and park somewhere new for a change of scenery?

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