Camper Van Traveling in Winter: Tips & Tricks for Tackling the Cold on the Road

As the temperature continues to drop, it’s still possible to get out and enjoy a fun winter road trip. All you need is a little preparation and the right tools. Here are some tips and tricks for tackling the cold while on the road. 

Increase Warmth

One of the best ways to jumpstart your comfort during the colder months is to invest in multiple layers of warm clothing. Don’t expect your winter coat to be enough. Bring items like hats, scarves, gloves, heat-trapping undergarments, and of course warm pants and sweaters. You may also like to grab a pair of pocket warmers, which can be easily placed in your gloves for added heat and comfort. 

Think about the activities you’ll be doing as well. Each layer should be well thought out. If you know you may get overheated after a long day of hiking, add in a light long-sleeve shirt to the mix, so you’ll always be ready.

You may also want to carefully choose your camper van. Models like the Go Terra come with a 2-in-1 water and air heater and highly efficient gasoline-fired heat and recirculating coils. You’ll be able to come back to a toasty van without the need for any extra fuel source. The portable induction cooktop will allow you to warm up your desired teas and meals on the go. 

Plan Your Route

For your ultimate safety and comfort, lay out your route ahead of time. Winter isn’t the most optimal time to be spontaneous. If you’re unclear about where to go, you may end up spending extra time idly outdoors, quickly losing heat. 

Your vehicle will be at the top of your priority list as well. For a van that has 10,250 watt-hours of power, check out the GO A/T van. The proprietary battery system will help you stay ready for the next adventure, instead of having to waste time trying to gain heat when you’re back from your expedition. 

Also, keep an eye on the weather forecast. Make sure you and your vehicle come prepared for ice, rain, or even severe weather. 

Practice Safe Driving Skills

If something happens to your camper van, especially if you’re in a far or unknown area, it can create a cascade of problems for your trip and compromise your comfort and potentially your well-being. Luckily, being prepared can mitigate many of those risks.

To begin, ensure your camper van has been winterized, or that you are utilizing the Grit Overland four season features to keep your water and batteries warm. This is light work with the external tank and cabin heaters that come standard on all Grit Overland vans. Pack your Yankum Ropes recovery kit in case of an emergency. Check your tire pressure, headlights, and lubricate your van doors before heading out to avoid freezing. Consider an emergency kit filled with a shovel, an ice scraper, and kitty litter for icy roads. 

Always practice safe driving etiquette, particularly in winter. Drive slowly and take breaks when needed. If possible, avoid driving during the busiest times of the day and pay attention to when the sun will be setting to help avoid excess freezing and unexpected black ice. 

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of heated fluids like hot water and tea can help you stay hydrated, warm, and avoid illness while out and about. 

Water is less easy to come by during winter. You may already be keeping track of potential nearby sources like gas stations and campsites. These sources can sometimes be shut down during winter, making them unreliable. Therefore, it’s best to pack extra water and avoid going too far into an area you are unfamiliar with. 

Take advantage of perks like the heated air and water systems and induction stove top featured in luxury adventure campers like the Grit Overland van for the most ideal everyday use on the road, all year round!

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