Adventure Van Expo 2022: Come Experience Our Vans In-Person

In order to properly envision your next camper van adventure, it helps to experience it first. That’s why we’d like to personally invite you to one of the many Adventure Van Expo events we’ll be participating in this summer. This annual event is one of the largest exhibitions of camper vans, adventure vehicles, trailers, and more. 

In addition to Grit Overland’s expert-built vans on display for you to check out, you can also explore other aspects of vanlife at the event. Shop around for miscellaneous adventure gear like pop-up rooftop tents, cargo trailers, and more. 

An Entire Vanlife Exhibition

Looking to meet fellow adventurers and become a part of the vanlife community? The Adventure Van Expo is so much more than just a showroom on wheels. You’ll get to indulge in some craft brews, local grub, live music, and other activities. Meet other nomads who relish the thrill of life on the road. 

What’s more, the events are family-friendly! Bring your kids and enjoy the lively atmosphere complete with food trucks, contests, and even workshops. 

Make a Weekend of It

Get the best of both worlds by camping out at the Adventure Van Expo event. Yep, you read that right. Set up shop for the entire two-day event by keeping the fun going well into the evening. You’ll be surrounded by other vanlifers and be able to enjoy some microbrews by the nighttime campfire in this awesome community. 

Purchase camping tickets in advance, which are only available at select expo locations and are likely to sell out. Tickets cover both Friday and Saturday night and come with: one parking spot for your vehicle, camping admission for up to 4 people, and one admission ticket.

You can also take advantage of on-site camping facilities like showers, bathrooms, and recreation areas. 

Get the Low-Down on Grit Overland

Always wanted to get the feel for a Grit Overland van but never had the chance? Well, now that chance has finally arrived! Poke around one of our show vans to get a feel for the open-concept and modular layout that makes our campers the best in the industry. 

Experience unique interior features like the pop-up penthouse, fold-up bed, foldaway shower, rollaway front-seat mattress, fold-down workspace, and extended countertop. All of these essentials allow our vans to serve as an intuitive living space for a family of four.

You can also get the nitty grit-ty of state-of-the-art features from our building team themselves. Our family of builders will be there to walk you through groundbreaking aspects like our best-in-class battery system. 

With 10,240 Watt hours, our GO FATHER Power System™ plus Auto Smart Rapid Charge technology will automatically rapid-charge your battery bank when it gets low. This makes battery limitations a thing of the past, allowing you to run appliances like your A/C, microwave, blender, Instapot, induction cooktop, and recharge your electric bikes for days totally off-grid. 

Auto Smart Rapid Charging: Whenever your batteries start getting low, our smart system will communicate with your van computer and automatically start your van engine to rapidly charge your batteries for 60 minutes.  

Now you can:

All of these details are what make witnessing the marvels of a Grit Overland van in-person worth the trip to the Adventure Van Expo. Get behind the driver’s seat and see what the inside of a Grit Overland van feels like, appreciating the spaciousness, comfortable seating, and multi-purpose capabilities of this home on wheels. 

To purchase tickets and learn more about upcoming events, visit the Adventure Van Expo website.

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